They pay less for hungarian doctors than other workers- Medical salaries Europe


They pay less for hungarian doctors than other workers- Medical salaries Europe

We have wrote and posted many articles about, doctors leaving because of the financial crunch they are feeling. Many countries pay well, many pay ridicuolusly low wages. Let’s take a look at the current latest stats on Medical salaries. At least we can see the 2011 salaries, which could be outdated in some countries, but can give you a quick hint, on understanding the migration of medical doctors and other medical workers.


1. Here is the chart for minimum and maximum wages for medical doctors across the EU

max and min salaries of doctors

2. Than the miumimum wage and the maximum wage for medical doctors

doctors min


doctors max


3. And here are the avarage wages for other workers

other avg


The worst findings in the article is that when it comes to comparising the salaries to other non-medical salaries, it turns out that several countries, such as Hungary, and the Czech Republic are paying a lot less for their doctors than for other workers . (the most for doctors  is around 1000 EURO in Hungary, and the avarage workors salary is around 1300 EURO)

Here is what the article concluded to:

In some cases (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia) the minimum doctors’ salaries is equivalent to the average national salary; in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherland and Slovakia the minimum doctors’ salary is higher than the average salary ; in Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and UK, the average salary is placed between the maximum and minimum doctors’ salary ; in some case the maximum doctors’ salary is equal (Greece and Malta) or even lower (Czech Republic and Hungary) than the average national salary.


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5 Responses to They pay less for hungarian doctors than other workers- Medical salaries Europe

  1. Alina Corpade says:

    Unfortunately I am a medical doctor in Romania (first year of my residency) and I make 302 euro/month (gross salary). So your dates are not entirely correct

  2. jordea says:

    these numbers are ridiculous, doctors of czech rep. earn a bit more than doctors of Slovakia, and by no means average minimum salary of a medical doctor in Slovakia is 1494 €, I know doctors earning 800 and less per month…

  3. Abdulrahman Al Eyed says:

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