A raising number of junior doctors are leaving the NHS – it is no wonder why?!

It is no wonder that after the new junior doctor contract a soaring numbers of junior doctors are leaving the NHS after their foundation training, an official report has revealed.Just half of those who finished their first two years on the job in 2016 went straight into NHS training to become a specialist or GP.

That was down from 52% in 2015, 58% in 2014, 64% in 2013, 67% in 2012 and 71% in 2011.

Meanwhile the proportion taking a career break was 13.1% last year, the same as in 2015 but nearly triple the 4.6% in 2011.

And 12.7% were either training abroad, taking a job abroad or applying for one, a four-year high.

The findings were published online but not widely reported.

Doctors’ union the BMA blamed the “deeply concerning” figures on low morale as the government forces through new contracts that prompted unprecedented strikes last year.

Jeeves Wijesuriya, Junior Doctor Committee co-chair, said: “Our health service is completely overstretched and facing huge staff shortages.

“It is vital that the government starts to address the underlying issues that are affecting the NHS’ ability to recruit and retain staff, and provide them with attractive and flexible careers, in order to provide the best possible care for patients.”

Rachel Clarke, a campaigning junior doctor from Oxford, added: “These figures are a tragedy for the NHS and an indictment of the way in which Jeremy Hunt went to war with junior doctors last year.

source: mirror.co.uk

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