Albania has the lowest healthcare budget in Europe

Albania is ranked last in Europe in terms of the level of expenses that the state allocates for the healthcare system as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The International Monetary Fund has published detailed information on the funds that the governments of 43 European countries allocate for healthcare.

Data for the period 2012-2015 indicate that Albania’s expenses for the healthcare system are only 2,8% of GDP.

The European average for the healthcare system is 6%. Countries such as Denmark and Holland spend one tenth of GDP.

The funds that the Albanian government allocates for healthcare are even lower than the countries of the region. In the Balkans, the average is 5,5% or two times higher than Albania. Thus, Bosnia allocates 6,9% of GDP for public healthcare, Croatia allocates 6,4%, Serbia allocates 6,1%, FYROM 4,3%, Montenegro 4%.

Although the funds allocated in Albania are the lowest in Europe, they are not well used. In the past two years, after reviewing annual budgets, healthcare budget has been cut.

Many people express their discontent from the public health system in Albania. They say that they continue to bribe doctors in order to receive the necessary service.

On the other hand, private hospitals are exploiting this. They apply high unaffordable prices by the majority of population. However, many people claim that they are forced to go to these private hospitals by selling properties and borrowing. /

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