Therapeutic dark chocolate and honey pralines – a Romania first produced by Cisnadie plant

Therapeutic dark chocolate and honey pralines – a Romania first produced by Cisnadie plant

A chocolate plant in central Cisnadie, Sibiu County is making pralines containing an apiarian cocktail with therapeutic effects, a first in Romania, these candies being also sought abroad, after they have been recently presented at an international congress in Germany, plant owner Florin Balan on Monday told AGERPRES.

This praline a combination between the Latin America chocolate and the bee products obtained in the County of Sibiu, an outcome of the collaboration with specialists who have studied the beneficial effects of the honey.

“As far as I know, it is for the first time when such thing is made in Romania (…) If the cocktail that makes the praline filling has already been selling in Romania for a while, the novelty is that now we have adjusted the type of chocolate to this cocktail and a praline recommended to both children and grownups has resulted,” specified Florin Balan.

Such a praline weighs 5 gr, half of a normal candy. The apitherapeutic praline is 50 percent made of cream — cocktail made in Sibiu by a specialist in beekeeping. The cocktail is made of: honey, raw pollen, bee bread, propolis extract and raw royal jelly. This cream is in a black chocolate coating.
The producers recommend two pralines per day for kids aged 2 to 10 years, three pralines for children aged between 10 — 18 years and four pralines per day for the grownups.

“ApiPralina is based on the chocolate’s good principles together with the honey structure, of the propolis, the pollen, of a cocktail that is very good to energize the body both for children and adults. This product helps the immunity system and is also indicated when wanting to make a constant effort. Let us not forget that it is about a bio honey and bio cocktail, nothing industrial. As of this year’s beginning we have launched these pralines that are enjoying success on the Romanian market, and after the congress in Germany where they were presented, we have orders from abroad, too. Export will also be to various places of the world,” says Florin Balan.

The 100-gram bag contains 20 pralines, the amount recommended for five days for an adult.


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