7 reasons you should have international health insurance

7 reasons you should have international health insurance

Are you covered in your new country? And what happens if there’s an emergency?

1. To make sure you’re covered abroad

Just because you live abroad doesn’t mean you have healthcare coverage there. Most private plans are only applicable in the country you signed them. Travel insurance may cover care abroad, but usually only for a short stay – not for living abroad.

In many countries a certain type of residence permit is required to enjoy the state system. You might need to have lived there for a certain number of years, have a job, or have a permanent address. If you’re on a temporary contract, studying abroad, or if you move around a lot, this could be a problem.

With an international health insurance plan you know you’ll be covered, no matter where you go.

2. Flexibility

Even if you are eligible for a country’s healthcare programme, make sure you know what that entails. Some countries require you to purchase an insurance plan. Even if your healthcare is subsidized, it might not be all-encompassing. Will you have to pay each time you visit the doctor? Are general checkups and emergency care both included? What about maternity care?

Many expats choose international health insurance to give them flexibility and the ability to choose whatever plan they want, or need. There are different levels of coverage available. At Cigna Global, for example, you can choose Silver, Gold, or Platinum core cover insurance, and you can add on optional benefits to that.

Health is an extremely personal issue – healthcare should be, too. Do it your way.

3. To get a doctor who speaks English

Speaking of doing it your way, when your health is on the line you don’t want to be stumbling over a foreign language.

Many doctors in Europe speak excellent English, but if you want to be sure, you can contact your provider. Cigna Global offers assistance 24/7 around the world, so you can speak to someone straight away and get help finding the best doctor for you.

4. To cover pre-existing conditions  

Better safe than sorry. Many plans offer a limited amount of coverage for pre-existing conditions, so if you have a condition you know you’ll be dealing with living abroad, it’s best to make sure you’re covered in advance.

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