Romanian medical salaries nowadays

Starting January 1 2015, there was an increase, an insignificant one but it was a first step, of RON 100 in the income of every employee in healthcare and social services. Also in 2015, the 25% cut in salaries performed by the Boc government was recovered. In October, the Ponta government, although it was the merit of [e.n. health] minister Banicioiu, pressured by Sanitas, granted an extra 25% increase to healthcare and 37% to social services. In 2016 we managed, after seven years, to bring income additions to 2016 levels. If we compare it to 2009, between 2015 and 2017 healthcare and social services salaries practically doubled, and I think it is one of the reasons for which medical staff stopped leaving.”

In 2015, the net monthly salary of a first year resident physician stood at EUR 260 (RON 1,170). A 2016 draft law that looked at increasing salaries in the public sector put the monthly salary of a first year resident physician at EUR 427 (RON 1,922), reported. The salary of a senior doctor stood at EUR 774, while that of a senior emergency doctor at EUR 1,078 per month.

Source: Romanian

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