Eurotransplant: Hungarian liver transplant centre ranked third among 49 EU centres

On the basis of the recently published list of 2016 by Eurotransplant, the Department of Transplantation and Surgery of Semmelweis University kept its first ranking among the eight member countries of Eurotransplant as regards the number of the deceased donor renal transplantations.

In the list there are altogether 77 European renal transplantation centres. Our institution is ranked third among the 49 European centres as regards the liver transplantations. During the last year altogether 260 organ transplantations were accomplished at the Department. Among these the number of renal transplantations was 174, out of which 155 were brain-dead donor transplantations. In 2016 altogether 19 living donor renal transplantations were carried out, when the organ was donated to the patient by a close relative or family member. Considering the renal transplantations, Semmelweis University is the supplier for the entire western and northern regions of the country, which means 5.2 million people.”, expressed Dr. Zoltán Máthé, director of the Department of Transplantation and Surgery. In the case of liver transplantations Semmelweis University, similarly to the results of 2015, was ranked third among the 49 European centres last year as well. Such an operation is exclusively carried out at this institution in Hungary. During last year (2016) 81 people received a lifesaving operation and a new organ at the Department of Transplantation and Surgery. The number of liver transplantations has been doubled during the last two years, and almost the half of the operations are accomplished without external transfusion at the clinic, therefore the time of the operation and that of the recovery period is shorter.

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