The clinic in Shtip, Macedonia will be biggest in the country

On Friday, in Shtip, the foundation was being laid for the biggest and according to many experts the best hospital in FYR Macedonia. It is also the largest healthcare investment thus far in the country – at whopping 56 million euros.

FYR Macedonia’s Health Minister and VMRO-DPMNE leader were present at the cornerstone ceremony.

The VMRO-DPMNE leadership had planned this project for the past six years. According to Gruevski and Todorov, state of the art facilities must be available not just in Skopje, but also elsewhere in the country, in smaller cities.

In the past, critically ill patients had to be put in ambulance and transported to Skopje. Often times multiple types of surgeries considered to be fairly simple were not available in smaller towns, so patients always had to make the trip to Skopje where long lists of waiting patients were created.


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