Grey-haired baby born in Hungary

A little boy was born with white hair in a hospital in Szekesfehervar. His nickname is Prince Charming and he is not albino. His gray hair can disappear in a couple of years, wrote. The white hair is not a sign of illness or prenatal stress – doctor Zoltan Kummer told According to him, Bence is not an albino, since in this case melanin pigment would be missing from his skin and his iris as well. It is rather a local and likely a temporary pigment shortage, the hair of the boy might get darker in a couple of years.

However, the milky white hair is special; the nurses working in the maternity ward have not seen this before. The baby got the Prince Charming nickname, wrote. Anyway, Bence is an average baby: he was born with a body weight of 5400 g and a height of 54 cm, at the expected time. The little boy is healthy in every way, he underwent the routine tests, too. His blood sample will be examined in Budapest because of the special pigment shortage. Her mother cannot relax: she will have a college exam on January 8th. Besides going to school she also works. Photo:

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