Dutch pharmacists give no instructions to patients

Dutch pharmacists give no instructions to patients

Consumer organization Consumentenbond did research that shows pharmacists bill clients for a talk when giving out new medicine, but do not actually engage in this talk, or do so poorly, the ANP reports. 

During the research, ‘mystery patients’ came to collect a new medicine at pharmacies. Of the 39 pharmacists that were visited, only one met all the conditions of the so-called ‘first issue talk’.

Receiving a medication from the pharmacist will cost a client around €6. If it is a medication that they have not yet taken before or hasn’t taken in 12 months or more, then it will cost them another €6. This money is supposed to guarantee instructions and information from the pharmacist, including the medication’s interaction with other medication. Rates can also go up if the dosage is changed.

The consumer organization is also receiving conflicting information from clients and the pharmacist. While many pharmacies say that their clients are very happy with these talks, consumers say otherwise.

Pharmacists have had to state transparently on bills what services their clients are being billed for on top of the medication.

The KNMP, the branch organization of pharmacists, tells the Consumentenbond that the research outcomes are “an incentive to stimulate pharmacies to keep service and quality high.”


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