Rising number of foreign doctors in Germany.

Rising number of foreign doctors in Germany.

The  German Medical Association has published it’s survey regarding the state of healthcare and health workers of Germany. It fully details the number of doctors, the trends in the rising numbers and also gives a good inside look on the topic of foreign doctors. The study and its’ tables shows that more than 35.000 doctors are working in the German healthcare (almost 10% of the number of practitioners)  who are foreigners. The largest number of foreign doctors are from Romania, Greece and Austria. Poles are 4th the largest group of doctors and Hungary stands 5th from EU states. The large number of Russian and Syrian doctors is also a factor in the Germany Healthcare system.

foreign doctors Germany

Check the tables here:  Stat13Tab10

The biggest growth in number are from Latvia, Romania, Portugal, and Hungary.

 Continuing trends.

The number of female doctors rose from 36 % (1996) up to 45 % (2013) and the doctors retiring have also risen int he last year with almost 1%. It seems that the field of medicine and healthcare is getting more and more older – average age of doctors in Germany has risen by 10% from the age of 35 to age 45 – and getting more and more feminine.

See the whole study and statistics at :http://www.bundesaerztekammer.de/page.asp?his=0.3.12002

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