Youth elixir invented in Romania?Antioxidants on the move

Youth elixir invented in Romania?Antioxidants on the move

Simona Bisboaca, 34 years of age, from Oradea (western Romania), invented a youth elixir, the marmalade without boiling and the natural additive that will substitute the artificial additives and has four invention patents in the food industry of the future, awarded gold and silver medals in the world invention exhibitions.

In her first international participation, in the International Salon of Inventions of Warsaw, in 2011, for the product designated by the jury ‘the most powerful antioxidant in the world,’ called ‘AntioxiVita,’ Simona Bisboaca was awarded the gold medal and granted a special prize from the Association of Inventors of South Korea. ‘Water-dissolved propolis’ brought her the silver medal and a special prize offered by the Asian Association for Inventions and Creativity and the ‘raw marmalade,’ obtained without sugar, without boiling or preservatives and, especially, ‘the natural multifunctional additive,’ that will be able to substitute any other artificial additive in the food industry won gold medals in the ‘Agro Arca’ World Invention Salon, taking place in Croatia, in 2012.

If the first two patents — the antioxidant and the water-dissolved propolis — are already in natural product shops and pharmacies nationwide, the raw marmalade and the natural additive are yet to be produced. In 2013, she managed to create a cosmetics range with complex antioxidants as active principle, as well as the first mini-production of raw apricot marmalade.


About ?the most powerful antioxidant’ and the reactions after its launching on the market, Simona Bisboaca says, in an interview to Agerpres, that ‘there are many life stories and testimonials of the people benefitting from it.’

‘I cannot tell which is the most touching. They all are, from cardio problems, to antitumor treatments. People used to write me their stories via e-mail, but, in order for others to also see them, I asked them to post testimonials on our website, We are glad that people share with us their positive experiences in problems with cholesterol, blood pressure, varicose veins, peripheral circulation… We received feedbacks from patients with hepatitis B and C and the persons with hepatitis B witnessed a viremia decrease under the detection limit. In the case of hepatitis C, it was the same. Of course, the transaminases decrease, the liver regenerates. In old people, though, the positive effect, the recovery is better seen than in the case of people under 30, because the elder persons’ organism is more damaged,’ she points out.

Simona Bisboaca says she has been recently contacted by a doctor telling her he used AntioxiVita on cancer patients, as a treatment aid. ‘He was very delighted with the fact that he had very good results, compared with only the allopath treatment. And, indeed, I noticed that AntioxiVita intensifies the effect of very many medicines. For instance, in someone taking a cholesterol treatment, the results come into view as early as in one month’s time. Otherwise, the treatment needs to be carried out for at least 60 days. What can I say? All those having taken allopath treatment and AntioxiVita witnessed faster results. This is the synergistic effect, it makes medicines more efficient,’ the young inventor underscores.


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