Institute of Immunology Zagreb sings a deal with Indian partner over measles vaccine

Institute of Immunology Zagreb sings a deal with Indian partner over measles vaccine

The Institute of Immunology Zagreb, one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of immuno-biological medicines, has signed a contract with Indian company HBL to produce the measles vaccine in India.

At the beginning of the cooperation Institute of Immunology will supply the bulk of measles vaccine to the Indian company and then it will be formulated and filled in India.
The cooperation is supposed to help in protecting children in India and others from developing measles.

About Institute of Immunology Zagreb:

The Institute of Immunology is the oldest manufacturer of immunobiological medicines in this part of Europe. Since 1893 and our vaccine against small-pox until today’s viral and bacterial vaccines, products from human and equine plasma, allergens and other products, our aim remains the same:PREVENTION AND FIGHTING DISEASE.

This year we celebrate 120 years since the Royal Institute for Production of Animal Vaccine against Small-pox which is the predecessor to today’s INSTITUTE OF IMMUNOLOGY, Inc. for the manufacture of medicine, pharmaceutical products and scientific research. Our main aim before this anniversary is to return to the path of past glory of a respected world known manufacturer of immunobiological medicine.

In consistence with the decision from the Croatian Ministry of Health, the Institute of Immunology produces imports and distributes vaccines in accordance with the programme for compulsory vaccinations in the Republic of Croatia.

The Institute of Immunology, Inc. with its technology, products and qualified staff can compete in the world market in the production of viral and bacterial vaccines; it can compete on a regional level with plasma fractionation. Today, our aim is to improve the existing products as well as to produce new ones. We are introducing a new and modern concept on web leaning on our well-known tradition and looking forward into the future. Here you can learn more about our products, our work which is of utmost importance for people’s health, about our vision, research and development. Learn about our ownership, financial reports, as well as future development and goals.

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