Life imprisonment for an Austrian doctor in Dubai

Life imprisonment for an Austrian doctor in Dubai

The Upper-Austrian doctor who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Dubai in October last year is safe in Austria.
The Bad Ischl doctor Eugen Adelsmayr was accused of causing the death of a patient by failing to assist a person in danger and a too high dose of opiate. The sentence against the doctor is not legally valid however, as the sentence was pronounced in his absence. He would need to go back to Dubai and the trial would need to be continued for the sentence to be valid.
His is currently listed as “evader” and would be arrested immediately. Despite the fact that a series of expert reports prove Adelsmayr’s innocence, he also faces the death penalty in Dubai. Adelsmayr, who works as a anaesthetist is a private Salzburg clinic said: “Even if you know the law and the dangers, what can you do when falsified materials pass before court? You can’t be prepared for that. You can’t ignore the risk.”

Eugen Adelsmayr is safe in Austria but has to take great care in finding out which countries have bilateral political agreements with the United Arab Emirates when travelling abroad. In the worse case, he could be deported. Adelsmayr said: “I am not officially on a wanted-list, but there could be bilateral agreements between the United Arab Emirates which I am not aware of. Only the concerned countries know. For example, it could be that I have a car accident in Spain, that I have to show my identity card and that I then start having problems.”

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