Dosime: A Smart Radiation Detector for Personal and Home Use

Dosime: A Smart Radiation Detector for Personal and Home Use

Radiation. We can’t see it, taste it, or feel it, yet we encounter it every single day.

Radiation is emitted by almost everything around us – from readily known sources like microwaves, X-ray machines, and radios, to less suspected sources like the water we drink and our body’s own potassium. It is important to know that there are two main kinds of radiation: non-ionizing and ionizing.

Non-ionizing radiation includes visible light, microwaves and radio frequency waves. This type of radiation has the energy required to vibrate electrons in an atom or molecule, but it’s not sufficient to bump an electron from an atom to ionize it. On the other hand, exposure to ionizing radiation might be more dangerous as this type of radiation has enough energy to remove an electron and ionize an atom.

Exposure to ionizing radiation can lead to DNA and tissue damage in the human body, which poses serious health risks over time

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