This is how it works: Romania’s health anti-corruption hotline

This is how it works: Romania’s health anti-corruption hotline

Romanian patients have denounced 88 possible corruption cases in the healthcare system in the first ten days after the launching of the anti-corruption hotline, said health minister Vlad Voiculescu.

“The anti-corruption line and the protocol concluded with the General Anticorruption Department, with DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate), and Prosecutor’s Office are a crucial step that we’ve made for cleaning the system of fraud and corruption,” Voiculescu, who is in the last days of his term, said.

The minister presented the results of his seven-month term. “The first thing to be able to regain people’s trust is to stop lying,” he said.

“This is why we’ve developed the system for measuring patient satisfaction through SMS, which will be available across the country next week.”

Voiculescu also said that the health care system is facing not only underfunding, but also the lack of compliance with rules and corruption.


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