GovITHub program grant recipients developing projects in health care, social economy, EU funding projects

The 20 grant recipients selected under the GovITHub program have initiated and are developing – with assistance from volunteer experts – projects with a major impact in areas such as health care, social economy, European funds, online payments or the automotive industry, the Government informed in a Tuesday release.

According to the Government, 10 projects are being developed intensively, with the grant recipients and volunteers working alongside representatives of the public institutions where the IT solutions will be implemented, and another 20 projects are in the development stage.

“Each grant recipient of the GovITHub program has more than 10 years of relevant experience in companies of global scale, start-ups, business incubators and social business accelerators which they founded and developed in successful organizations. They have competencies in consulting and software development for telecommunications, oil, banking, retail, advertisers — with work experience in the US, France, Ireland, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Romania. Their knowledge combines project management with technical skills in system architecture and software development, information security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, UX/UI (user experience and user interface), data visualization and data mining, and they have co-founded social business incubators and accelerators,” informs the release.

All GovITHub projects are developed as open source, meaning that anyone can see and improve them.

The list of examples of GovITHub projects under implementation expected to have a national impact includes — the main data source for everyone seeking comprehensive and reliable information about essential vaccinations; the Directory of Social Enterprises — an information system of the Single Electronic Rregister type, allowing the record, integration and analysis of all data on social enterprises; the digital platform for petitions — a ticketing system to track the status of an application filed by a Romanian citizen with state institutions; the development of new modules for MySMIS, the national EU funding managing platform, allowing the spotting of frauds before they happen; improving the services offered by the official electronic tax & fee payment system by the redesign of the interface, the platform’s usability and accessibility so as to enhance its efficiency.


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