Cigarettes & alcohol remain drugs of choice in Luxembourg

Cigarettes & alcohol remain drugs of choice in Luxembourg

Cigarettes and alcohol remain the drugs of choice in Luxembourg, the national drug addiction prevention centre has said in its annual report.

The CePT, which raises awareness about the risks of addiction, last year quizzed 3,770 revellers at 16 separate events via its stand Party MAG-Net regarding drug use in the preceeding two weeks.

The anonymous responses revealed that the two legal drugs, tobacco and alcohol, were the most consumed in Luxembourg, with 37.1 percent and 87.3 perecent of partygoers quizzed saying they had consumed them.

Furthermore, the questionnaires revealed 5.8 percent had consumed ecstasy, 4.8 percent amphetamines and 4.6 percent cocaine.

CePT’s anonymous information service, “Fro No”, (ask about) last year received 287 different requests for information.

Over a third came from family members of a drug user, 8 percent from friends and 41 percent from social or health care workers.

The most commonly asked question concerned cannabis consumption, following by alcohol abuse.


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