Zika virus infection confirmed in Slovenia

Zika virus infection confirmed in Slovenia

The first case of a Zika infection in Slovenia has been confirmed, Franc Strle of the Ljubljana UKC hospital said at a press conference in Ljubljana – reports the Slovenia Times

The infection poses no threat to public health in Slovenia, the Public Health Institute added.

The Public Health Institute has been closely monitoring the developments in the world related to the Zika virus and other transmittable diseases and there have been no major changes in the last month, Maja Sočan of the institute said.

A total of 35 people have been tested for Zika in Slovenia and in one case the test came out positive, Sočan said.

Sterle of the UKC’s clinic for infectious disease said the infected person had previously been in Latin America.

But he was critical of media reporting of the identity of the patient, saying this information was not relevant for public health.

Tabloid Slovenske novice reported today that the infected person was a member of the Slovenian volleyball team who got infected in Brazil, but this was later rejected by the Volleyball Association as well as by Health Minister Milojka Kolar Celarc.

Director general of the Health Ministry’s public health directorate Mojca Gobec said the virus, which was transmitted by mosquitos and through sexual intercourse, posed a threat to pregnant women in particular.


source: http://www.sloveniatimes.com/zika-virus-infection-confirmed-in-slovenia

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