New father’s tragic herpes warning touches 1000s online

New father’s tragic herpes warning touches 1000s online

Tens of thousands of people in Germany have shared a Facebook post in which a new father explains how dangerous the herpes virus can be to babies – as illustrated by the tragic case of his own son.

It should have been one of the happiest times any family gets to experience.

Thorsten, 34, from Hamburg and his wife had just celebrated the birth of their son, John. Baby and mother had come home from the hospital and were apparently doing well.

But as the grief-stricken father explained in a May 9th Facebook postseen by thousands in recent days, the joy of a new baby was to be short-lived.

“About 14 days after he was born John became restless, started stretching and having shivering spells,” Thorsten wrote.

The midwife advised the young parents to bring John to a doctor the following day.

That evening, the parents brought John to hospital where he was immediately whisked to paediatric intensive care.

Four days later came the diagnosis: the baby had herpes encephalitis. The herpes virus had made it into his brain and was causing dangerous inflammation.

“John got a herpes virus from somewhere that was able to spread into his brain because the blood-brain barrier wasn’t yet developed,” Thorsten explained on Facebook.

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