Macedonian family physicians will receive 10% increase in their financing

Macedonian family physicians will receive 10% increase in their financing

After dentists, the capital point for family physicians would be increased. Instead of 50 MKD from July 01 2016 capitation point will be increased to 55 MKD. Family physicians will receive 10% increase for better health care for patients.

Minister of Health Nikola Todorov said that it is rational use of resources in the health system, this year the Fund’s budget was increased by 22 million euro and the funds will be spent on patients and doctors.

-Last increase of capitation point was in 2011. With this increase would be covered 1085 private hospitals with total 1527 teams. In total with yesterday and today’s increase in the capital point for dentists and family physicians are covered with over 2,800 doctors, said the Minister.

He added that after was established network of health institutions, were awarded total 245 new licenses for general practice and 344 extra places in the network are free.

-In order to improve the status of family doctors in general medicine with the latest changes to the health care that are in parliamentary procedure it would be allowed the newly elected doctor to independently provide health care without the participation of the nurse until the figure reaches up to 700 patients, but not for longer than 18 months. In this way, we ease the work of young doctors to begin as doctors and self-employed, said Todorov.

Director of the Fund, Sasho Stefanovski noted that the Fund constantly monitors the services and promotes the functioning of primary health care and in the long run tend to provide quality service or better preventive care and timely diagnosis for better health for all insurers.

-Fund for health insurance allocates significant funds for medicine and general activity and from the 2015 budget were provided and will be paid 1 billion and 870 million MKD. The increase of 5 MKD per capital point, the Fund has additional fiscal implication of 188 million MKD per year, said Stefanovski.

Orhan Ramadani, Director of the Fund noted that the benefit of this measure would be felt in 1527 teams of family doctors working in 1085 clinics with which the Fund has signed the agreement in 2015.

-This measure will mean improving the situation in primary care that will reflect at our 1,768.939 insured people who have selected family doctor and this figure has noted steady increase from year to year. On average, each family doctor has 1159 patients for whom the Fund pays 104 367 MKD, said Ramadani.

Source: Kurir.Mk

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