Prague Zoo selling ‘elephant urine’ as herbal liqueur

Prague Zoo selling ‘elephant urine’

Herbal liqueur is meant to raise money over the holidays and beyond

The Prague Zoo, ranked by TripAdvisor at the fourth-best in the world, has introduced a new gift at its online shop and zoo souvenir stand just in time for the holidays: bottled elephant urine.

Actually, it is a yellow herbal liqueur made from an undisclosed recipe, but actual urine is not one of the ingredients and is billed as useful for either an aperitif of digestif

The label is in Czech and says, Sloní moč, so its gag gift value might be lost on English speakers unless it also is given with a pocket dictionary.

The product was introduced to the public by popular actor Petr Čtvrtníček. It is a Czech tradition for new books, albums and products to have a godfather as product launches are referred to as christenings.

It sells for Kč 185 or about $7.25 for a half-liter bottle, which is reasonable compared to similar liqueurs. The product must be picked up in person, even if purchased from the e-shop, as it does contain alcohol and can’t be mailed, as the recipient might be under 18.

The product description says it has a distinctively bitter taste derived from flavors carefully extracted from herbs. The distinctive bottle reminiscent of an elephant’s silhouette is also touted as a selling point.

The zoo description stresses it is not just a novelty, but that the bronze-colored liqueur has a highly developed aroma and the beverage itself is full of surprises.

For those not inclined to drink elephant urine or not close enough to pick it up in person, the zoo website lists other ways to show support such as adopting an animal or buying season passes as a gift.
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