Controversial IVF legislation comes into force in Poland

Controversial IVF legislation comes into force in Poland  – An act which authorises In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment for infertile Polish couples, enters into force on November 1.

IVF treatment for infertile couples, both married or cohabiting, who have exhausted all other methods of treatment over a 12-month period will now be available.

Meanwhile, Poland’s ombudsman has requested the country’s constitutional court to review the text, arguing that the law discriminates against single women, depriving them of access to the procedure.

Under the new law, single women who have already begun the procedure, using a donor’s sperm, will not be able to complete it unless they find a male partner.

The bill also forbids the creation of embryos for purposes other than in vitro fertilisation, and the destruction of embryos that are capable of continuing normal development.

The bill regulating the procedure was passed by the Sejm lower house of parliament in June, and signed by then-President Bronisław Komorowski two months later.

The legislation was vigorously opposed from the outset by the Church, as well as by the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, who won the general elections in Poland on 25 October.- reports the Radio Poland

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