Serbia adopts decision on investing in health care centres

Serbia adopts decision on investing in health care centres

The Serbian government adopted the Conclusion tasking the Ministry of Health to prepare, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, an appropriate document which will provide funding for urgent implementation of the public procurement procedure for the maintenance of health care institutions.
The investing in the maintenance of facilities of health care will improve the working conditions, will provide adequate space for the accommodation and treatment of patients and will improve the quality of health services.
The government also adopted the Bill on advertising, which regulates this area in line with the new trends on the advertising market.
The government adopted the Bill on mining and geological exploration, which will create the conditions for transparent issuing of authorisations for carrying out geological exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, which in turn will enable investors to obtain approval for geological and mining works more quickly.
In this way, the security for investments and the performance of works will be increased.
The government also adopted the Bill on amendments to the Law on agricultural land, which will allow for more efficient, more rational and economical use of land.
The proposed amendments introduce new measures of land protection from abuses and usurpations, primarily through a clearly defined responsibility of all participants in the process of land lease.
One of the main objectives of these amendments is the provision of a reliable and predictable business environment as a main prerequisite for investments in agriculture, but also the strengthening of small agricultural producers reports the Government


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