Polish Nursing staff demos pay off

Polish Nursing staff demos pay off

Poland’s nurses and midwives and the Ministry of Health managed to reach an agreement on the ongoing dispute regarding wages .

According to TVN, the decision was eventually made on Tuesday evening after 11 hours of talks and will see wages rise by PLN 400 a year over the next four years, bringing the total increase to PLN 1,600 by the year 2019.

An initial proposal put forward by the Ministry – which would have seen wages increase PLN 300 each year over the next five years – saw more than 10,000 nurses and midwives take to the streets of Warsaw two weeks ago in protest.

“On Tuesday, we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health. The words we spoke on September 10 during the demonstrations have become a reality,” said President of the National Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives Lucyna Dargiewicz. “The Ministry has kept its word and we wish to thank it.”- said the President late September this year.

“Each of the parties involved in the talks wanted to find an agreement,” commented Health Minister Marian Zembala. “We managed to reach a compromise and concessions were made on both sides. We have managed to find a clear solution to an issue which has remained unsolved for eight years.”

source: http://www.newpolandexpress.pl/polish_news_story-7444-nursing_staff_demos_pay_off.php


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