Sweden: Two proposals increase ages for free healthcare

Sweden: Two proposals increase ages for free healthcare

The Swedish government plans to introduce free glasses and free dental care to new age groups

All children with impaired vision, up to age 19, should get free glasses according to a proposal in the upcoming budget, scheduled to be presented September 21. Free glasses have only been offered to children under 8 years old in the past. The announcement comes following a deal with the Left Party, which estimates reaching some 150,000 children in need. The new rules are expected to be applied starting at the beginning of 2016.

The age limit for free dental care will also increase — from 19 to 23 years. “It is very clear that class affects dental health. This is another step to expand Sweden’s welfare. It is very good for all young people in Sweden,” said Ulla Andersson, the Left Party’s economic policy spokesperson. This increase will take place in two stages: In 2017 it will be raised to age 21, in 2018 to age 23. -reports Nordstjarnen.com


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