The new trend: Crowd birthing

Crowd birthing: Would you invite 15 people to watch you give birth?

How many people do you want around you when you give birth? Maybe just your partner? Perhaps your mother or your sister too?  Well, there is a growing trend towards women taking in as many as FIFTEEN people into the delivery room with them.

According to new research commissioned by vlogging website Channel Mum, young expectant mothers are now ‘crowdbirthing’. Yep, it is now a thing to take crowds of people with you when you push out your newborn.

A survey of 2000 mothers in the UK found that women in their twenties or teens take an average of eight people into the birthing room, not including the midwife or other medical staff.

Most popular people to take in with you to give birth

1. Your partner

2. Your mother

3. Your mother-in-law

4. Your father 

Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum, said: ‘The younger generation are used to sharing every aspect of their lives, so why not birth?

‘Many women feel it is their biggest achievement and so want to share the moment with all of those closest to them.

‘The crowdbirthing phenomenon may not suit everyone but being part of the birth is an honour and privilege which unites friends and family like nothing else.’

Mother-in-laws are now the most popular birthing supporter after the dad-to-be and mum-to-be’s own mother. One in 25 women now also opt to have their own father present when they deliver.

The research also shows there is a downside to giving birth in front of an audience like the trend towards mothers refusing to take pain relief because they fear they will be judged.

One third of women surveyed said social pressure was a reason why they decided to give birth without painkillers, claiming they were afraid others would judge them unfavourably.

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