Hungarian healthcare workers block a bridge to protest

Hungarian healthcare workers block a bridge to protest

Budapest, September 2 (MTI) – Health-care workers protesting against low wages blocked Elizabeth Bridge in Budapest at 6.30am. The couple of dozen flashmobbers closed the Pest side of the bridge, letting only buses through, an MTI correspondent reported. The group held up posters with slogans such as:

“Hungary! Do not allow your nurses abroad!”

Maria Sandor, who made a name for herself by wearing black attire at work, told MTI that they wanted to warn the government about the untenable situation in health care.

Should the government fail to raise wages, another massive wave of nurses and physicians will leave the country and no one will provide care for patients, she said. The bridge was closed for 18 minutes before the protest continued on the pavement. Police said the demonstrators caused a disruption to traffic and submitted reports against seven people for minor traffic violations and against one person for abuse of the right of assembly and minor traffic violation.

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