Turkish Military donates medical equipment to Bosnian Hospital

Turkish Military donates medical equipment to Bosnian Hospital

The Turkish Military has donated €31,000 ($35,000) worth of medical equipment to the Paediatric Department of Public Institution Hospital of Travnik city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Turkish Colonel Savas Celepoglu said in Bosnia on Thursday that he was pleased that the donation would help young people.
“In this hospital 200 babies are born annually. We hope that, with our donation, the future of these children will be supported,” said Celepoglu.
The Director of the hospital, Mirsad Granov, said the Turkish donation was of great importance for the hospital.
He said: “For two years we tried to solve the problem with the purchase of a transport incubator. “Thanks to Turkey’s army, in addition to the incubator, we got another 14 very essential medical supplies.” “This equipment pediatric department of the hospital in Travnik will raise our services to a higher level, for the children and their parents,” he added.

The Turkish military mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been operating since 1993 and currently works under the auspices of EUFOR.

More info: http://news.videonews.us/turkish-army-helps-bosnian-hospital-1415180.html

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