Hungarian party leader Gabor Vona states: situation of nurses untenable

Hungarian party leader Gabor Vona states: situation of nurses untenable

The current conditions endured by nurses in Hungary are untenable, Gábor Vona, the far-right Jobbik party’s leader, told a congress of nurses. After attending the meeting of the Hungarian Nursing Association, Vona told a news conference that the reality of the problems is visible from demonstrations in the health-care sector, especially on the part of nurses. The Jobbik leader said the gravest problem of nurses was their low wage, though other issues such as a lack of the appropriate clothing in which to carry out their duties were also burning problems. According to surveys, health-care workers suffer “the worst health” in Hungarian society, he insisted.

“We’re already past the 24th hour,” Vona said, accusing the government of lacking honesty in connection with the situation which he insisted had emerged in health care. He accused the government of “sweeping the problems under the carpet.” Vona said Jobbik wanted to strengthen the voice of nurses in Parliament and was also prepared to help organise demonstrations. Representatives of the co-governing Christian Democrats, green party LMP and the Socialist Party also attended the congress.

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