1,000 abortions each year linked to severe pregnancy sickness

1,000 abortions each year linked to severe pregnancy sickness

More than 1,000 women with severe morning sickness have an abortion each year because their symptoms are so unbearable. A research by abortion provider BPAS and Pregnancy Sickness Support found many women were refused treatment because doctors deemed it too costly, unnecessary or potentially harmful. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is very common, but this is far more severe than ordinary morning sickness and some women are left bed bound or need to be admitted to hospital due to extreme dehydration.The study estimated that about 10,000 women suffer from the condition every year, with 10 to 20% ending up terminating their pregnancies. In any given year this is between 1,000 and 2,000 women. There are well researched and documented treatments which can safely be administered in early pregnancy. Unfortunately, erroneous views persist in many places, shockingly, even amongst GPs and midwives. So, many women still come across unsympathetic health professionals who are ignorant of current treatment methods.

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source: http://www.west-info.eu/1000-abortions-each-year-linked-to-severe-pregnancy-sickness

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