Macedonia sets time limit to wait for cancer diagnosis

Macedonia sets time limit to wait for cancer diagnosis

Macedonian health ministry set on Tuesday a time limit for patients with cancer symptoms to wait for their first cancer diagnostic procedures, improving health services for an early and urgent detection of cancer.

According to the newly-introduced measure, people should not wait for more than seven days for their first diagnostic procedure since the occurrence of cancer indication, and tissue diagnostics must be implemented within 21 days.

Deadline for diagnosis may be lifted if further checks to get a second thought are necessary or samples have to be examined by broad institutions.

As soon as receiving a positive diagnosis, the patients can make the appointments for treatment through electronic system and will be treated according to international standards in due time, the health ministry noted.

Each year in Macedonia, around 277 women on average die of breast cancer. The cause of death by cervix cancer has been recorded with 30 women, according to the data released by local media.

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