Málaga’s public health system ‘most lacking in Andalucía’

Málaga’s public health system ‘most lacking in Andalucía’

MÁLAGA has the fewest public health hospital beds per capita of any province in Andalucía, according to a report by the CC.OO trade union.

Further, the province comes in second-to-last for the number of day hospital places, says the report, which is based on data from the Junta de Andalucía’s most recent Health Indicators report, from 2011, which the union assures is still applicable.

Málaga province has 15.9 public hospital beds per 10,000 inhabitants, compared to the Andalucía-wide average of 17.6, according to the report, while the number of day hospital places is 1.0 per 10,000, well below the region-wide average of 1.5.


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