Director of Macedonian Health Insurance Fund resign

Director of Macedonian Health Insurance Fund resign

Health Insurance Fund director Maja Parnardzieva-Zmejkova resigned Tuesday from the post due to personal reasons.

The resignation comes after 9-year-old scoliosis patient Tamara Dimovska from Veles passed away on February 9 while waiting for a spine operation abroad. The death sparked protests and calls for dismissals of the Health Minister and Fund officials.

On Tuesday, the Forensic Medicine Institute confirmed the girl died of bronchopneumonia.

“I waited for the forensic medicine results and the truth about Tamara’s case. I will carry this for the rest of my life, even though I am aware that we did literally everything we could in the case”, said Parnardzieva-Zmejkova at a press conference.

She understands the people’s anger, saying she felt the same.

“As a human being and a mother I understand the public revolt. The autopsy showed the cause of the death is not related to the operation for which funds were already secured”, added Parnardzieva-Zmejkova.

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