GPs are making way for Dr. Google

GPs are making way for Dr. Google

Will very soon the GP disappear? The one you ask immediate information about alarming symptoms, illnesses and other? Yes it will, according to Google developers. Thanks to the enlargement Of Knowledge Graph, a tool that since 2012 has made more intelligent the results of our web researches by combining them with data tied to key words (showing them on a side of the dashboard, next to traditional results).

Such tool, from now on but only in English at first, will soon answer to our questions about general medicine or personal health problems. The exactness of information, this is the news, will be guaranteed by a team of experts belonging to the American Mayo Clinic, a team guided by Prof. Kapil Parach, who put effort in creating a new digital encyclopedia of the patient. An instrument that fights against disinformation about health contained in several unreliable websites. It is sufficient to insert the information required and just in a click you’ll get data about symptoms, illnesses, photos, diagnosis, videos.


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