In France, health inequalities do not decrease

In France, health inequalities do not decrease

Still many inequalities in the state of health of French people. specially due to social differences. A preexisting truth showed again by the annual report written by the DREES, Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation et des statistiques. Just some figures to prove it.

For example, at 35 years old, the difference in life expectancy between an employee and a manager is 6.3 years for men and 3 years for women. Again, employees’ children are more likely to be obese than managers’ children. a percentage of 5.8% against 0.8% in children aged 10.

The same inequalities can be observed for children’s dental health. That worsens in rural areas and ZEP (zones d’éducation prioritaire). As well as child mortality, that in DOM (Départements d’Outre- mer) is 5% higher than in the rest of France.

Read the report on this by clicking HERE (pdf file)

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