Our top 5 article in 2014

Our top 5 article in 2014

See the list of our articles that have been the most attractive to readers.

1. Gadget review is on the top.

Of course. All of our med-gadget reviews were good selling when it came to reading.
New ultrasound could mean end of stethoscope. The days of the doctor’s stethoscope could be coming to an end thanks to modern ultrasound devices. Read more:



2. Remember the tragic accident of Michael Schumacher?

We gave a close medical coverage on the topic. No wonder on of the article was the leading article in this year.
A Hungarian surgeon to help Schumacher? Dr. Csókay has suggested the application of his technique The application of vascular tunnels could help the racing driver, according to the Hungarian neurosurgeon. Read more:


3. Marijuana legalizing spreads in the world.

Serbia intends to legalize marijuana for medical uses. Serbian media reported in this march that the Government’s intention to legalize marijuana for medical uses. Read more:

Medical maruhuana

4. Movement of healthcare workers

In April 2014 The German Medical Association has published it’s survey regarding the state of healthcare and health workers of Germany. All stats were published ont he site. Readers are really into recruitment trends, and in the migration of the healthcare sector workers. Read more: http://medlines.org/rising-number-foreign-doctors-germany/

plane leaving

5. Fanatic TV Show fans boosted the House M.D. post of ours’.

Doctors at a clinic in Germany report that the TV show House (also known as House, M.D.) provided them with an unexpected diagnosis for a heart failure patient.
Read more: http://medlines.org/tvs-fictional-dr-house-helps-diagnose-heart-failure-patient/


We are wishing you a Happy New Year  with this TOP 5  review and

We hope we will catch your attention in 2015 too with our unique medical headlines.



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