Nursing home poisoning in West Poland

Nursing home poisoning in West Poland

A nursing home in the west of Poland is currently being investigated by local prosecutors after a bout of food poisoning which has allegedly left two people dead.

The home, located in the town of Legnica, is being inspected by authorities following the two deaths and reports that a number of other residents have been left ill, states TVN24.

Spokeswoman for the prosecutors office, Liliana Lukasiewicz, gave the station more details. “Given the numerous reports relating to the poisoning of a few dozen people last Friday [5 December – ed] and given the fact the law enforcement was not informed, we have decided to carry out investigations,” she says.

“Around 50 people claimed they had been vomiting and had had diarrhea. Two people have since passed away – one in the home and another in a hospital,” confirmed Dariusz Wojtkowiak, Director of the nursing home.

In total three people were admitted to hospital, one of whom is believed to be contaminated with a serious bacteria but in a stable condition.

“We still don’t know what has caused this,” says Elzbieta Klimas of Legnica District Sanitary Association. “All the people felt well on the second day and keep in mind that in nursing homes, we are dealing with elderly people and the two women that passed away were over 80.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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