Would you join the new beauty craze which sees women dying their underarm hair?

Would you join the new beauty craze which sees women dying their underarm hair?

A unique new beauty craze is encouraging women to grow out their underarm hair and dye it a bright, bold colour.

Hair stylist Roxie Hunt, who works at popular Seattle salon Vain, is one of the people leading the armpit hair revolution and insists that women should embrace their underarm hair – rather than feeling forced to shave it off or hide it.

‘It’s no secret that some of us choose not to shave or wax our pits,’ she wrote in a blog post for Off Beat Home.

‘More and more often, I am meeting women who un-apologetically choose not to succumb to the societal pressure of scraping a razor against the soft skin of their bodies. If you recall, I want to celebrate pit hair.’


Roxie asked one of her colleagues at the salon to help her test out the best armpit dying technique and offers a wealth of tips and advice to any women wanting to try out the trend for themselves.

‘I have always wanted to colour someone’s pit hair… I asked my co-worker Rain if she would be down to let me dye her pit hair blue to match her hair colour and she agreed, heartily,’ she wrote.

I began by mixing bleach and 30 volume developer. I knew I needed something strong enough to cut through that coarse hair and lighten it up as much as possible, but I didn’t want to use 40 volume because I didn’t want to cause any uncomfortable burning on the delicate skin in her pits.

‘First, I had Rain wipe her pits down to remove any deodorant that might be lingering.
‘Then, I got right in there with my bleach and colour brush, applying it thick in small sweeping strokes in all directions, making sure to fully cover every hair.’

And Roxie is not the only one embracing this new trend.

Dozens of women on Instagram have been sharing images of their own brightly-coloured armpits using the hashtag #dyedpits, while on YouTube, hundreds of users have posted videos about dying your armpit hair, including a number of in-depth tutorials.

Destiny M, a Latina blogger, explained her video that she made the decision to dye her armpit hair a bright blue shade after spending years trying to hide her body hair.

‘My hair is very dark naturally,’ she explained. ‘Dark, coarse and thick – and it grows really fast…

‘It’s part of our social constructs that women have to be hairless and that’s just one of the many beauty standards that are enforced from a very young age.

‘I don’t know if it’s because I’m Latina or what, but I have a lot of hair. And it’s thick hair and it’s dark. I have hair on my toes and on my boobs, I have a happy trail…

‘It’s a toxic idea that hair is ugly. You need to force yourself to not to think that.

‘[Growing out your hair] is so empowering. As a young girl, you are always told, hairless is beauty, it’s perfection. But when you go against the grain like that… it’s so empowering. I really recommend you try it.’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPUL7zsBcHwstory: http://www.evoke.ie/beauty/would-you-join-the-new-beauty-craze-which-sees-women-dying-their-underarm-hair/

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