Eurostat: Cancer mortality rate in the EU increases

Eurostat: Cancer mortality rate in the EU increases

While the total number of deaths slightly decreased over the past years in the EU (-0.5%), the number of deaths due to cancer increased by 6.3%, according to new figures from Eurostat.

One in four deaths in the EU is caused by cancer, the statistical office of the EU said in a report published on Tuesday (25 November), based on statistics from 2011.

However, for EU citizens under 65, cancer was responsible for nearly 40% of deaths.

Among the total population, cancer caused more than 30% of all deaths in some member states such as in the Netherlands (31.9%), Slovenia (31.3%) and Ireland (30.5%), while it represented less than a fifth of all causes of death in Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria (15.6%), Romania (19.1%) and Lithuania (19.9%).

For those under 65, cancers represented around 30% of all deaths on average. While they were the cause of more than 40% of all deaths in some countries, including in the Netherlands (48.0%), Italy (45.2%), Spain (43.9%) and Slovenia (40.9%), but less than one third died of cancer in this age group in Lithuania (23.2%), Latvia (24.2%), Estonia (26.3%), Bulgaria (26.7%) and Finland (28.4%).

Lung cancer was the main type of fatal cancer in the EU in 2011 (20.8% of all deaths due to cancer), followed by colorectal cancer (11.9%), breast cancer (7.2%), pancreas cancer (6.1%) and prostate cancer (10.2% of all fatal cancers for the male population only).

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