Kidney transplant chain in Andalucía

Kidney transplant chain in Andalucía

Anonymous donor kicks off chain allowing four patients to receive organs

IT HAS been revealed that a remarkable chain of kidney transplant operations was carried out in Spain last month.  Simultaneous operations resulted in four patients from Barcelona, Cádiz, Málaga and Murcia being taken off the waiting list for replacement organs.

News of the complex medical project was given by Junta de Andalucía health chief María José Sánchez Rubio recently when she detailed the events of Tuesday, September 9, which began with a kidney from an anonymous donor being transplanted into a 42-year-old man in Málaga’s Hospital Regional.  At the same time, his 46-year-old sister donated one of her kidneys which was rushed to a Barcelona clinic.

The Catalan recipient was a woman, and another member of her family repeated the process by donating another kidney which went to 41-year-old man in Cádiz who had been receiving dialysis treatment for 15 months.  His brother then donated one of his kidneys, which was given to a patient from Murcia who was on the waiting list for a deceased donor transplantation.



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