Finnish Rheumatism Association warns against shortage of specialists

Finnish Rheumatism Association warns against shortage of specialists

The Finnish Rheumatism Association has expressed concern on the shortage of specialist doctors in the area of musculoskeletal disorders. According to association, rheumatologists and physiatrist situation is alarming.
The demand for specialists in this field is growing further as the population ages said the association. Currently, there are about 100 specialists in rheumatology of which about 60 work in the public sector. According to the association estimates, half of the current specialists in rheumatology will retire by 2025.
The association points out that the participants in training programmes are too few to cover the shortfall. Rheumatologists treat diseases associated with rheumatic inflammation. Physiatrist, on their part, deal with musculoskeletal diseases, which do not involve inflammation. The association is calling for additional posting, training places, trainers and professors in the field. Musculoskeletal disorders is a significant cause disability in Finland. One in five adult suffers from musculoskeletal problems associated with pain symptoms at some point in their lives.

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