Greeks Are Turning to Private Health Insurance

Greeks Are Turning to Private Health Insurance

A nationwide survey has revealed that a large number of Greeks are seeking some form of private health insurance due to lack of state healthcare.

The survey showed that 38.7% of Greek citizens opted for private healthcare, either a full health package or for check-ups and one-off treatments, which is a significant increase (60%) compared to 2012 when only 23.8% of Greek citizens were privately insured.

The survey was conducted by Kapa Research on behalf of the Athens School of Public Health in September 2014, on a sample of 1,285 respondents.

The results shows that Greeks are not satisfied with state health insurance provided by EOPYY, an organization that has suffered many cuts due to the Troika measures after the economic crisis that hit Greece a few years ago.

Irrespective of the insurance form, Greeks paid an average of 265.14 euros for primary healthcare during the first six months of 2014, out of which 103.35 euros went to medication.

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