UK hospitals to serve up five-star menus

UK hospitals to serve up five-star menus

No more unappetising soups, boiled chicken and cooked pears in Britain’s hospitals. This good news comes from NHS directors, who have announced the intention of serving up better quality meals to patients. This is all thanks to new food standards laid out in the latest report from the Hospital Food Standards Panel, which, in collaboration with industry associations and nutrition experts, will soon ban over-cooked, bland and unhealthy foods. 

Some of the proposals include: 1. Each patient will have an individual food plan that will prescribe varied, appetising meals that meet the patient’s needs.

2. Greater care to be taken in screening for malnourished patients.

3. Collaboration with catering services who specialise in sustainable produce.

4. Encouraging healthier eating for all patients and hospital staff, to protect the health of the community.

The report also says that online reviews will be introduced, which will enable users to evaluate the services provided and share their opinion publicly.

Download Department of Health, The Hospital Food Standards Panel’s report on standards for food and drink in NHS hospitals, 2014 (PDF)

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