Less than half of Czech men under the age of 37 have healthy sperm

Less than half of Czech men under the age of 37 have healthy sperm

Prague — Only 48 percent of men under the age of 37 in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe have fully healthy and functioning sperm, daily Právo writes today, citing the latest research studies.


Doctors are more and more distressed by the data, it adds. It also writes that a quarter of Czech couples face infertility problems.

“In more than half of couples with reproduction problems, the man is the cause. Men often have no idea about their trouble,” Petr Galle, from the Vegall Pharma firm, which deals with male infertility treatment, told Právo.

Male fertility depends on the quality, motility and number of sperm, Galle explained.

He said in the past, a healthy man should have between 80 million and 120 million sperm in 1 ml of his semen, while at least half of them should be actively moving toward the egg.

However, the situation has changed under the negative influence of civilization factors, and the criteria for healthy sperm had to be softened, Právo adds.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the standard value is now 15 million sperm/ml. However, about 40 percent of men in the world have problems to conceive normally, Galle added.

Such men can undergo an overall medical check-up, including the genitals and urinary tract, to examine the defect. The other step is semen analysis to assess the quality, shape, motility and amount of sperm.

In the case of negative results, doctors often instruct the man to improve his diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, add more vitamins E and C, zinc, selenium and folic acid, reduce smoking and drinking alcohol and prevent testicles overheating, which means not to wear too tight underwear, Právo writes.

If such a treatment does not help, the man should undergo a hormonal examination since the problem might be caused by a serious hormonal disorder.

In view of a rising incidence of sperm dysfunction, sexologist and gynecologist Pavel Turčan recommends that if a couple has had long-term problems to conceive, the man be examined first, Právo writes.

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