Spain on top for organ donations

Spain on top for organ donations

LAST year 1,643 people gave their organs – keeping Spain as the leading country in the world for such donations.

According to the figures released on Wednesday by the national transplant office (ONT), doctors were able to extract 2,551 kidneys, 1084 livers, 247 hearts, 238 lungs and 83 pancreases from donors.

Most donations were made in the regions of Valencia, Andalucía, Cataluña and Madrid.

Organs are then distributed across Spain depending on the needs of the patients and their position on the waiting list.

Donations increased in the Valencia region last year, reaching a total 178.

The region’s main hospital – La Fe, in the city – recorded the highest rate of liver and heart transplants in Spain.

In Murcia region donations dropped from 57 in 2011 to 54 in 2012.

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