In vitro up for debate in Poland

In vitro up for debate in Poland

The new draft law on infertility and in vitro treatment in Poland came up for public consultation this Wednesday.

According to the Polish Press Agency, after a year into the new programme, the Ministry of Health wants to collect the thoughts of the public and gauge reactions. The key areas to be looked at are uniform procedures, rules and standard practice of treatment which are aimed at increasing the health and safety of patients, states Krzysztof Bak, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

“One year into the programme, we have had 2,700 pregnancies and 249 births. We feel this is the time for public consultation,” wrote Deputy Minister of Health Bartosz Arlukowicz on Twitter.

He added that the act supports a ban on embryo trade, cloning and experimentation. “This is an act for the treatment of fertility – a new comprehensive approach on diagnosis with an aim to increase the number of Infertility Treatment Centres.”

At present, there is still no legislation fully covering this area in Polish law. “In the past this was condemned … but we are now hoping that new laws will mean in vitro will be safer and more controlled in Poland,” medical journalist Kamila Gebska told TVN.

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