Polish Life support protest group grows rapidly

Polish Life support protest group grows rapidly

More than 100,000 people signed an online petition last week in an attempt to stop doctors turning off a life support machine which was keeping a 17-year-old boy alive.

According to TVN, the boy, known as Kamil, was taken to a hospital in Wroclaw last Thursday with injuries to his skull after an accident involving an automobile. However, due to the severity of the injuries to his brain, the machine was switched off on Tuesday with doctors announcing there was no way he would recover. The station also states that the boy’s mother had not given doctors permission to transplant organs.

On Sunday, the mother set up a Facebook page in order to keep her son alive and by Tuesday almost 100,000 people had clicked ‘like’. Despite Kamil’s death, the Facebook page is still functioning. The page has seen various posts defending the action of the doctors, however, the vast majority have been on the family’s side.

Professor Andrzej Chmura, transplant expert and surgeon at the Infant Jesus Hospital in Warsaw has hit out at the protest group. “The fact is they are uneducated and the people working this side understand what is going on,” he told the station. “Such injuries mean there is no hope of life ever returning.”

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