Polish dentist extracting a patient’s tooth while completely drunk

Polish dentist extracting a patient’s tooth while completely drunk

Dariusz N., a dentist from Radomsko, was charged this week with extracting a patient’s tooth while completely drunk. The incident took place almost exactly a year ago when the alarmed patient appeared at a police station to lodge a complaint.

Aneta Komorowska for Radomsko police told reporters, “A 28-year-old man reported to us after a visit to a dentist on the outskirts of the town. He was supposed to have his incisors prepared for a crown and a mouth cast taken.” He became alarmed when the dentist gave him five injections, then he saw one of his incisors land on the tray. At that point he began to protest and went direct from the dentist’s chair to the police.

When police visited the surgery, the dentist barricaded himself inside and refused to hand over the patient’s documentation. When officers finally gained entry, they found the man had 0.27% alcohol in his blood. If found guilty, the man faces up to two years in prison.

source: http://www.newpolandexpress.pl/polish_news_story-6713-Lodzkie.php

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