Good news for Polish smoked sausage makers

Good news for Polish smoked sausage makers

The European Commission has just eased some of its recently upgraded food health requirements in regard to smoked meet products on the basis of exception to the rule

This is, indeed, good news for many Polish producers specializing in traditional varieties. However, as Slawek Szefs reports, limitations to these exceptions do not guarantee equal treatment with regard to market access. “What about those who export their products? This [amended] EU directive is valid only for the domestic market and excludes exporters,” Stanislaw Madry from the Consortium of Lisicka Sausage Producers told Polish Radio.


Listen to the broadcast of the Polish Radio @ the link and  See more at:,Good-news-for-Polish-smoked-sausage-makers#sthash.OzjABMzk.dpuf

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